WallPC 1.0

WallPC is an old IBM Thinkpad 770 transformed into a electronic pictureframe. It is more than just a digital photoframe: it also shows calendar, clock and, in near future, RSS feed too.

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The custom made software runs on Linux (Debian) and DirectFB. In my setup, the device has Flash harddisk, which is only used for booting the kernel. The root filesystem is NFS (network filesystem).

Source code (beta version 0.9b) of the WallGUI (formerly DaliGUI) released under GPL. wallgui-0.9b.tar.gz. Don't bother trying this unless you are willing to hack! Currently working on to release version 0.9. Previous version: daligui-0.01pre1.tar.gz.

The installation diary

Current status: Looks nice. Show pictures (slideshow), calendar, analog clock and news (lines from text file (generated from RSS feed)). Software has support for controlling with remote control but does nothing with that yet.

Feedback is wanted. Send email to mail at juhoroine dot net or use this form.

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