WallPC 1.0

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The diary

2. - 3.9.2004 The machine is being ripped of from everything unnecessary

4.9.2004 04:30 The machine finally boots Linux kernel

4.9.2004 Debian is installed

4.9.2004 23:00 Framebuffer shows picture of me :)
DaliPC showing my picture

5.9.2004 02:00 Keyboard is replaced with a hardware hack
Keyboard cable Hardware hack
IBM has made modifying the laptop hard as possible: it won't boot without keyboard. However, it is possible to cheat bios to think there is keyboard with this piece of foil :) Next step is to remove mouse or replace it with a hack.

21.9.2004 Mouse is removed from the device

23.9.2004 Casing is built.
Case being built

23.9.2004 Casing is ready.
On table

9.10.2004 Software supports clock and calendar display + news and temperature.
On rack

4.2.2005 Source code of the GUI is released under GPL.

5.8.2006 Name changed to WallPC. GUI software renamed to WallGUI. A new release of GUI is going to be released soon!

1.1.2007 News display works (from textfile generated from RSS-feed) wallgui-0.9b.tar.gz (quick and dirty hack) released for hackers. Don't bother loading this unless you are willing to hack!
On wall

7.1.2007 Backpanel is installed. A friend of mine is getting married and WallPC goes to their wedding to display photos (on a table). For this, a black backpanel is installed to make installation look better. It will also get a top panel.